Hi I'm Sebastian. Freelance IT-Consultant.

I'm a consultant in Karlsruhe, Germany for the architecture and development of web applications and technical SEO. 

My focus lies currently on helping small & large companies, agencies and freelancers with their Neos CMS based projects. I offer consulting, workshops, coaching & development services for any topic related to creating successful web projects.

As longtime member of the Neos CMS core team I'm actively involved in improving the system continuously to new requirements of the ever evolving web business. You can learn more about my work from my presentations or my award winning Open Source contributions.

I would love to hear from you if you need help in your project or need support your team. I work with customers inside and outside of Germany.

Also check out my blog Mind the Seb


What I do

Learn more about the things I love to do and what I do as consultant.

Group of people working together

Team work

Working with people is just more fun and you can achieve things you never could do alone.

That's why I'm part of the team that develops the Open Source CMS Neos. To meet with brilliant people and to build something together that's bigger that what each of us contributes.

I also worked at agencies as Product Owner & Certified Scrum Master with diverse teams of up to 10 members. 

Macbook with code editor

Web development

I started developing websites when I was 12 years old. I never stopped. Now my focus is on PHP based Content Management Systems like Neos CMS and the ever changing field of technical SEO.

But what I provide includes usually everything from setting up servers, continuous integration pipelines, integration, front-end development and more. 

Other technologies I worked with include Java, ReactJS, jQuery, Python.

Projects I've been working on

I build and help building websites usually based on TYPO3 CMS or Neos CMS.
Here you can find an incomplete list of my work:

Homepage of 1&1


1&1 offers mobile, internet contracts and also hosting related services.

The content generation for the platform is moved to Neos which is part of a larger infrastructure. I helped implementing new SEO features like the new redirect manager for Neos and CK editor plugins to help their editors. Besides that I also support the developers with Neos best practices.


Insurance comparison website for hu Versicherungen.

Based on Neos CMS. One Neos instance and a shared codebase is used here to efficiently manage more than 6 different insurance comparison pages. Performance and SEO is a number one priority which Neos can deliver.

Homepage of
Homepage of


Company website for the ketterthill laboratories group in Luxembourg.

Based on Neos CMS. Includes an advanced search based on ElasticSearch with autocompletion and suggestion engine. Many content types, a laboratory location search and a payment portal for patients make this a great example on how Neos can deliver a great experience for visitors and editors.


Company website for the hema electronic GmbH in Aalen Germany.

Based on Neos CMS and featuring sliders and banners that give the editors a lot of freedom regarding positioning and theming. 

Homepage of