Watch my presentations

Here you can find a selection of recordings from my presentations I did during the last years.

I usually talk about topics that are currently very important to me. This changes from time to time, but I primarily focus on ideas on how to approach usability in content management systems to make the daily work for editors easier and create a bigger impact with less work.


Neos Con Dresden May 2019

Neos Con 2019 | Sebastian Helzle: Neos CMS & SEO - the next level (Yoast)

The latest developments and the future for SEO with Neos CMS. (English)


Meet Neos Salzburg October 2018

SEO Erweiterungen für das Neos CMS

Current Neos extensions to be more successful with Search Engines. (German)


TYPO3Con Berlin 2018 

TYPO3 Conference 2018 - Room 2

Semantic Data in TYPO3. How to prepare your project, to allow editors to give their content meaning. My presentation starts at minute 50. (English)


NeosCon Hamburg 2018

One Neos - Many Websites

Different ways to manage multiple sites in one Neos installation. (English)


NeosCon Hamburg 2017

Search as main navigation

How to make search a central navigational element in Neos. (English)


Neos and SEO

Current features in Neos for SEO. (English)


Inspiring Con 2016 in Kolbermoor

Tasty Neos Recipes for every day

Little tipps & tricks to make a Neos CMS website even better and your work easier. (English)


T3Con Asia 2015 in Phnom Penh

T3CON15 Asia: Improving editors’s lives with NEOS

Improving editors’s lives with Neos. (English)


T3CON15 Asia: Improving conceptual understanding in development

Improving conceptual understanding in development. (English)