Neos CMS is my tool of choice 
for creating web-applications

Neos CMS logo

As a consultant I’m currently focused on projects that are including Neos CMS.
So here is a short introduction into what Neos does and its strengths:

Neos is a content management system and together with its underlying Flow Framework a content management platform. You get an intuitive way to edit your content with inline editing and lots of extensibility features to match your internal processes and you get a PHP framework with all the latest technologies to build sophisticated integrations with other systems.

Integrators get empowered by the Fusion language to build the components for the output of the website or application. It incorporates many concepts from other web technologies like jQuery and React.The content architecture is defined via YAML files and includes any number of document and content types which can all receive constraints to specify exactly what can be put where. With these tools a whole website can be built without writing a line of PHP code.

Editors work via inline editing directly on their content and can test in several preview modes what the output will be. Private and shared workspaces allow editing in a „safe zone“. Publish when done, prepare work ahead in a team.

Developers have lots of possibilities to extend the system as the backend is built with React and it allows overriding and adding custom modules in most places.

Implementing custom editors like a Google Maps location selector or color picker and creating helpful data views like tracking or monetization statistics is possible without writing lots of code.

Also additional helpers and data accessors can be built to extend the Fusion language for the integrators.

Project managers can rely on Long-Term-Support releases and a reliable roadmap. Migrations for database and code changes reduce work on updates to a minimum. This allows you to always stay up-to-date and work with the latest improvements of the platform.