Projects I actively maintain

I work on many Open Source projects. Here you get an overview over the packages I work on a lot, smaller packages and other community projects for which I am an active contributor.

If you use some of my work, please consider becoming a supporter (see below).

Screenshot of the opened command bar

Neos CMS CommandBar

A plugin for Neos CMS which opens a command bar by pressing Command+K to quickly navigate in Neos and execute hotkeys and other commands.

The plugin was heavily inspired by Spotlight, Raycast and various IDE quick action implementations. 

Get it here

Screenshot of the opened terminal

Neos CMS Terminal 🏆

An award winning plugin for Neos CMS which helps with debugging and during development.

It adds a quick access terminal to the Neos UI which allows you to run Eel expressions, flush caches and more. 

  • Run Eel expressions
  • Flush caches
  • Access to all commands via the browser console
  • Add your own commands
  • Adapt the theme

Get it here

Yoast SEO for Neos CMS 🏆

An award winning plugin for Neos CMS to help with your search engine optimization. It is powered by the same library as the famous Yoast plugin for Wordpress.

In collaboration with Yoast B.V. I created a tight integration into the Neos backend which allows you to analyse your content, get pointers for improvements and instant feedback while editing.

Get it here

Community projects for which I am a very active contributor

Supporting my work

Creating and maintaining all those projects requires a lot of time. A work on those mostly on my own time. Only some of it is sponsored currently. Therefore, I can only afford so much time for maintenance, updates, bugfixes and adding new features.

There are several ways how you can support me and my work:

Github sponsors and patreons will also get certain benefits in the future based on the amount sponsored.