Open Source projects I'm working on

I always learnt a lot from Open Source projects and I use them all the time in fun & customer projects. So it's good to also involve and give back to the community.

When you work with me you also support those projects as I spent at least 25% of my work time on contributions.



If you use my work in your projects or you simply like what I'm doing, you might want to help me continue to invest my time in Open Source. Read more about this topic and how to support me in my blog post.


Neos CMS

Think of Neos as an Open Source Content Application Platform based on its own PHP framework Flow.

It's used to build websites which allow of customization for editorial processes and delivers a great editor experience through it's inline editing capabilities.

I've been contributing to Neos since 2012 and became a proud core team member in 2015.

Check it out here.

Homepage of the Neos CMS project
Yoast SEO as Neos Backend view

Yoast SEO for Neos CMS

I've been working in several TYPO3 projects with the Yoast SEO for TYPO3 plugin and was really happy with the feedback of our customers.

Therefore I decided to use the Open Source javascript library to build a similar integration for Neos CMS.

Since end of 2018 I have an official partnership with Yoast and they support me providing a great experience to the editors using the package.

Check it out here.

Other extensions I maintain for Neos CMS

Wookmark Javascript Plugin

The wookmark plugin for creating masonry style layouts with more than 2500 stars on Github.

I took over as maintainer of this plugin in 2013 from the creator of Since then I completely reimplemented the plugin twice. First to clean up the codebase for a stable first release. Then again with the dependency to jQuery for version 2.

Check it out here.

Wookmark Javascript Plugin Screenshot

Activities in Open Source communities

I'm also supporting Open Source products by contributing code and taking part in sprints, but also sponsoring.

If you want to support my work check out my Amazon wishlist.

Neos CMS React UI supporter